Will Digital Marketing Be Replaced by AI?: Decode the Future

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The era of AI supremacy has no doubt influenced every sphere of our daily lives and digital marketing is one of them. To start with the conversation, digital marketing has got multiple benefits from the intervention of AI. 

However, every coin has two sides. Therefore, the industry has been witnessing a few setbacks as well for the huge implementation of AI. This blog will focus on an all-inclusive discussion regarding will digital marketing be replaced by AI and other related facts.

The Concept of AI on Digital Marketing

AI or artificial intelligence is making a significant impact on the field of digital marketing. In simple words, AI in digital marketing refers to the integration of artificial intelligence to complete different digital marketing tasks. Thus, It involves:

  • leveraging algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data
  • predict consumer behavior
  • personalize content creation
  • optimizing campaigns
  • ad targeting
  • email segmentation
  • improving efficiency and overall effectiveness. 

OK, But How Does AI Work in Digital Marketing?

If you are wondering how AI is helping digital marketing to grow then let us tell you it is a very thorough process. If your digital marketing game is monitored by AI-implemented procedures the results will be more accurate.

This is because AI works with:

  • Natural language processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Curating valuable insights
  • Image recognition
  • Marketing automation, etc.

Thus, AI helps brands understand customer sentiments and preferences. This in turn helps to build bespoke marketing efforts and contribute to marketing automation.

What is This Concept of Marketing Automation with AI?

The biggest pro of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is automation. Yes, you are right. It does exactly what it says. Implementing AI in digital marketing can automate multiple processes and save a ton of time.

We will give you two great examples, one is AI chatbots. See the picture below:

The marked parts of the image are the instances of the chatbot. A chatbot automates the customer support process of any website. Therefore, it contributes to a streamlined work process. You should know that India is one of the top 5 countries using chatbots greatly. 

In this regard, you can contact MCube Digital Media to get the best Web Development Services that include advanced chatbot development as well.

The second instance is social media automation. There are multiple AI-powered tools to manage social media that can help you extensively in managing social media handles. A few such tools can be:

  • Predis.ai for videos and carousel generating
  • ContentStudio to curate relevant topics
  • Flick to turning content into posts
  • Hootsuite for AI posting prompts
  • Ocoya for caption and hashtag writing
  • Circleboom which can handle daily posting from a single dashboard
  • Wordstream for better ad performances with the help of machine learning

Now Let’s Move to “Will Digital Marketing be Replaced by AI”?

As the above discussion denotes the importance of AI in digital marketing, people may think that it will replace digital marketers. However, we can more or less say that it is not possible.

To validate our statement, we can point out a few things:

  • AI Needs Human Assistance

AI operations need human assistance as otherwise it won’t give accurate results. Humans proactively should input data to AI to do any task and it should be updated continuously.

  • AI is Incapable of Creativity
Image Source: Linkedin

The whole concept of AI depends upon commanding and getting results. Therefore, it is very much data-oriented and lacks human creativity. To make it clear, AI is not as efficient as human beings in producing creative content, images, and concepts.

  • AI Can be Repetitive Sometimes

67% of business owners claim that AI chatbots disrupt their relationship with customers as they tend to provide automated repetitive answers. Even customers sometimes avoid AI chatbots. AI may also suggest repetitive concepts of social media and content writing.

  • AI Lacks Human Touch
Image Source: Pinterest

The main idea of brand building is humanizing your brand. If you fail to add this human touch to your brand’s daily digital activity then the audience won’t connect with you. Unfortunately, AI can not bring this human touch and you need a professional digital marketing agency.

  • AI Can’t Critically Think

Will digital marketing be replaced by AI? No, because AI is incapable of critical thinking. Though there are a few experiments with the critical thinking of AI on the bench till date, the human brain is necessary for critical thinking and groundbreaking inventions.

Will Digital Marketing be Replaced by AI in the Future?

As we are now pretty aware of the contribution and drawbacks of AI now it’s time to decode the future. No, AI won’t take your job as a digital marketer, but it will definitely speed up the work process. Therefore, as an informed professional, you should be well aware of AI trends. Some tips for you are:

  • Identifying AI as a skill and master in it
  • Find out the fields where AI can not help much and practice those skills
  • Be open to adapting anything, anytime, and use that in your favor
  • Try using AI to create content with the right prompts
  • Take the help of AI data analysis and insights
  • Use the benefit of automation

So, What’s the Final Say?

Thus, to conclude the discussion on will digital marketing be replaced by AI we can say that AI won’t be able to replace the importance of the human touch in digital marketing.

All you need to do is to channel the power of AI in such a way that it makes your job easier. Your input in digital marketing is highly important to make your brand or your client’s brand stand out from the crowd.

MCube Digital Media offers you an exclusive digital marketing package where you will get high-quality services powered by AI analytics and human creativity. Our team will thoroughly analyze your requirements and handle your digital marketing game to bring out guaranteed results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use AI in digital marketing?

Yes, you should use multiple AI elements in day-to-day digital marketing to get the best results.

  1. How can digital marketers adapt to AI?

Digital marketers should invest their time in learning the mechanisms of AI tools, staying updated with the latest trends, etc.

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